“The Naples Ferrari Club is the local Chapter of the Ferrari Club of America.”

We are part of the Florida FCA Region. We are a very active chapter meeting monthly in season and at least twice a month during the high season.  We manage one of the premier car shows in the US,  Cars on 5th,  with more than 500 luxury, exotic, muscle, and performance cars in February of each year.  We also run the Mercato Car Show in December of each year.  We have an enthusiastic group of seasonal members that join us for the many events we held throughout the year.  We welcome all FCA members and encourage membership in the FCA and support of the Ferrari marque.  If you are a current FCA member and would like to be added to our email list, send a request with your contact information, FCA member number, and email address by using our convenient contact form located at this link >CLICK HERE<.”